Strand Road Trial Cycle Route

Closed 14 Sep 2020

Opened 21 Aug 2020

Feedback updated 8 Oct 2020

We asked

Dublin City Council in conjunction with the NTA are proposing to improve cycle facilities along the Strand Road to offer an alternative transport option for people to get to work and school. A six month trial of a 2 way separated cycle track along Strand Road is proposed.

Dublin City Council carried out a non-statutory public consultation from 21st August 2020 to 14th September 2020. We asked:

1 - “Please share any specific concerns you have in relation to any aspects of the proposal”

2 - “Do you have any suggestions for improvements to the proposal?”

3 - “Are there any complementary measures that you feel should be introduced in tandem with this scheme?

You said

2,922 submissions were received as part of the non-statutory public consultation process.

We did

Dublin City Council has compiled a summary report. This summary report outlines the themes arising from submissions. It should be noted that any views, thoughts and opinions presented in the summary report are those submitted during the non-statutory public consultation, and are not Dublin City Councils.

The Summary Document and the Traffic and Modelling Presentation is available below.

The design work on the section from Merrion Gates to the DCC boundary is now complete and discussions with DLRCC are progressing re joint implementation. The drawings for the Merrion Gates to the DCC boundary are available below.

Results updated 5 Nov 2020

Update – 5th November 2020

The presentation made to councillors on 5th November on the update of Strand Road is available below including:

  • an assessment of the STC Proposal,
  • a report on a shuttle system at Merrion Gates and
  • a letter from the NTA assessing the alternative proposal is available below

Update – 27th October 2020

DCC has received on the 23rd of October an  “Alternative Option Version 2” from the STC Community Group in the Sandymount area and this is being put up for information only

Please see attached response from DLRCC relating to points raised by the STC Community group in the “Lessons Learnt” section of their first alternative proposal relating to the Coastal Mobility Route which is in the DLRCC area and not the DCC area

Update – 16th October 2020

During the consultation we received almost 3,000 submissions. After the consultation ended on the 5th of October we received an Alternative Proposal to provide cycle facilities on Strand Road from the STC (Serpentine Avenue, Tritonville Road, Claremont and other adjoining roads) Community group. As part of its ongoing engagement with interested groups DCC met with this group on the 9th of October. Following two emergency motions at the South East area committee meeting on the 12th of October the elected members requested that the DCC executive should properly  assess this proposal and this has been agreed and a report is  being prepared on the proposal.

Due to the level of interest in the proposal and with the consent of the STC community group this proposal is being made available to the public. The DCC assessment report  will also be made available once complete.



Dublin City Council thanks everyone who contributed to this consultation process for the proposed trial on the Strand road of a protected two cycle track. The consultation received 2,865 submissions both through the consultation hub and by email. We are currently processing through the submissions, identifying the key concerns raised and what the next steps are and preparing a report on this. Work is also proceeding on the design of the section from Merrion Gates to the DLRCC boundary and this will be put up on the consultation hub in the next week or so.



Dublin City Council in conjunction with the NTA are proposing to improve cycle facilities along the Strand Road to offer an alternative transport option as people return to work and school.

A six month trial of a 2 way separated cycle track from Merrion Gates to Sean Moore Rd is proposed. The inbound traffic lane will be removed between Merrion Gates and Marine Drive. Access to all properties will be maintained. The scheme will involve minimal civil works and will be installed to allow for localised changes or removal if required.

Why your views matter

Active Mobility is being encouraged including walking for those capable who are within 5km of their destination and cycling for those capable who are within 10km of their destination, thereby leaving the capacity on public transport and on the roads for those who have no alternative.

It is within this context that the scheme is proposed to provide a safe alternative for those travelling to work and school as well as providing a recreational facility.

Previous schemes have examined providing cycle facilities in this location whilst also maintaining 2 way traffic and doing this in such an environmentally sensitive is extremely challenging.

The beach area along Strand Road and Beach Road is an important natural heritage site

  • Special Area of Conservation (South Dublin Bay SAC ref. 000210) designated under the EU Habitats Directive (1992);
  • Special Protection Area (Sandymount Strand/Tolka Estuary SPA ref. 004024) designated under the EU Birds Directive (1979);
  • The entirety of Dublin Bay was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere in 2015.

Schemes which try to maintain two way traffic have required some or all of the following.

  • Require the removal of all on street parking
  • At Merrion Gates would require a new pedestrian & cycle DART crossing/bridge and possible compulsory purchase of land
  • Would reduce the amount of footpath available
  • Would take many years before any construction could commence.

This six month trial allows for a full evaluation of this option, its benefits and any unintended consequences.  By changing the use of the sea side lane to a two way cycle track it means almost no changes are proposed on the property side along Strand Road and the vast majority of informal parking can remain as before. It considerably reduces traffic levels on Strand Road and DCC will carefully monitor its impacts on the wider area.

This temporary scheme can be in place by October and will run initially for a six month trial during which time data and feedback will be gathered and assessed.

Key points

  • This scheme will substantially reduce Traffic volumes on the Strand road for the duration of the trial, only 10% of traffic on Strand Road is locally generated and so a substantial amount of through traffic will be removed as well as HGVs and LGVs.
  • 2.6 km of 2 way continuous protected cycle route would be provided between Merrion gates and Sean Moore Rd. Linkages to the routes towards the DLRCC cycle routes and into the city centre will also be advanced if the trial goes ahead.
  • 2 way traffic will remain between Sean Moore Rd and Marine Drive to allow the number 18 bus route to remain as is.
  • Between Marine Drive and Merrion Gates there will be one outbound lane of traffic. The traffic lane will use what is currently the inbound lane with the cycle route on the coast side
  • The No 1 and No 47 bus routes will use Gilford Road.
  • The existing sea front car parks will remain as is.
  • A right turn from Merrion Gates onto the Merrion Road will be put in place to facilitate access towards the  city
  • No changes on the Merrion Rd are proposed the existing turn bans etc. on Merrion Road remain in place.
  • The Bus only right turn inbound remains in place at the Merrion Road Ailesbury Road junction.


Dublin City Council would like to gather feedback to find out:

  • If there are specific concerns to any aspects of the proposals
  • If there are any suggestions for improvements
  • If there are any complementary measures that should be introduced in tandem with this scheme.

Please review the documents below and share your feedback on the proposal through this form or email it to, or by post to the Covid Mobility Team, Block 2, Floor 7, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, Ireland, D08 RF3F.


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