White Water Rafting Centre, Georges Dock & Custom House Quay - Part VIII

Closed 3 Oct 2019

Opened 22 Aug 2019


The project proposes a new city centre urban activity located in Dublin’s Docklands and set within the historic environs of George’s Dock. The White Water Rafting Centre (WWRC) will provide facilities for a wide range of people who wish to participate in water sports and leisure activities in a city centre location. It will serve members of the public who wish to kayak or canoe or go river rafting and will serve white water course customers, including tourist visitors, club canoeists, elite athletes and emergency services. The project will also provide an ‘anchor’ facility for the ongoing enhancement of all water sports activity and leisure use along the River Liffey.

The project involves the provision of water based recreational facility at George’s Dock and Custom House Quay, Dublin 1, incorporating the following:

  1.   Provision of a qhite water rafting course utilising the existing George's Dock basin, which is a protected structure, including;

    central flat water training facility including water polo amenity, 
    white water slalom course,
    kayak/raft conveyor, 
    pumping station and water treatment plant, 
    a mechanical control centre and electrical substations,
    enhancement of existing public lighting and provision of low lumination level floodlighting for water based activities; and
    swift water rescue centre with floodable urban street with mock enclosures forming a ‘rescue village’. 

  2. The demolition of former Dublin Docklands Development Authority office building and removal of 6 no. existing trees at Custom House Quay. Construction of two new quayside buildings with a combined total floor area of 763.98 m² and maximum height of 5.5m. The east building incorporating land based activities including changing rooms, reception, staff amenity area, equipment storage. The west building comprising replacement offices and conference room for the use of Dublin City Council Docklands office. Ancillary landscaped public open space between these proposed quayside buildings including surface water attenuation area and quayside walkway;
  3. Reconfigured and resurfaced public open space where necessary to the existing plaza at George’s Dock, including the removal of 4 no. existing trees, making good any damage caused by construction work, and the provision of temporary construction compound. Connection to public surface water drainage system; and
  4. Conservation and protection works to the lock gate and quay walls together with retention and protection of the triumphal arch on site and the partial removal of the timber boardwalk and insertion of access structures to the canal channel at the sea wall.

This application relates to land within the River Liffey Conservation Area.

An Environmental Impact Assessment Screening and Appropriate Assessment Screening for the proposal was carried out and both determined that the proposed development will not have a significant environmental impact and will not have a significant negative effect on European Sites. It is concluded therefore that there is no requirement for an Environmental Impact Assessment or a Stage II Appropriate Assessment to be completed for this proposal


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