Strand Road Cycle Trial - Beach Road options

Closed 22 Jan 2021

Opened 7 Dec 2020


Strand Road Cycle trial – Beach Road Consultation

Dublin City Council in conjunction with the NTA are proposing to provide cycle facilities along the Strand Road to offer safe protected cycling for all ages and abilities, where none currently exists. A six month trial of a 2 way separated cycle track along Strand Road is proposed.

Dublin City Council carried out a non-statutory public consultation from 21st August 2020 to 14th September 2020

During the consultation for the Strand Rd cycle trial we received submissions relating to Beach road:

  • Clarification from the National Transport Authority (NTA) that Beach Rd does not currently need to cater for two way traffic for bus routes
  • Objecting to the removal of the footpath for a cycle lane
  • Concerns from residents of Marine Drive and Leahy’s terrace that vehicles heading to Sean Moore Rd would use these streets

For further information on the Strand Road trial cycle route, please see our website

Why we are consulting

In response to this DCC are proposing that the layout on Beech Road is as per Strand Road with one lane of outbound traffic, a 2 way cycle lane using what is currently the outbound traffic lane and no changes to the footpath. Details of this and the proposals for the junction with Sean Moore Road are available below along with the modelling data.


Dublin City Council would like to gather feedback to find out for this specific change to the Strand road cycle route trial:

"Would you prefer this revised option with one way for traffic with the footpaths retained and the cycle lane at road level on Beach Road between Sean Moore Road and Marine Drive or the original option with two way vehicular traffic and the cycle lane using the footpath?"

“Do you have any concerns about this proposal?”

Beach Road options


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