Sean Moore Road Cycle Route

Closed 19 Jul 2021

Opened 5 Jul 2021


Dublin City Council in conjunction with the National Transport Authority are proposing to provide cycle facilities along Sean Moore road to provide a safe cycle route between Pigeon House Road and the GAA club and Sean Moore Park. There are currently no cycling facilities on Sean Moore Road.

The main aim of this scheme is to provide protected, safe and continuous cycling for all ages and abilities along this route.

Works for this have started and the information is being provided for information and for any suggestions/comments.

Key points:

  • Two way segregated cycle route between Pigeon House Road and a Toucan Crossing at Clanna Gael Fontenoy GAA club
  • Bollard protection southbound cycle lane to be provided
  • Staggered pedestrian crossings to be replaced with single direct movement Toucan crossings and guardrails to be removed
  • No changes to traffic movements, large hatched median to be removed and vehicle lanes realigned
  • New kerb protection to be trialled using “RediKerb”, the same kerb that has been used for footpath extensions for outdoor dining. There will be an inner and outer kerb with a 300mm wide asphalt median between them. Potential advantages include install time, no excavations required and flexibility depending on site locations.

Image of similar separation from London

Image of similar separation from London

It is expected works will be complete by late July.

Additionaly improvements for cyclists between the Tom Clarke Bridge and York Road to provide a connection to this route are curretnly being examined.


Dublin City Council would like to gather feedback to find out:

  • If there are any suggestions for improvements
  • If there are specific concerns to any aspects of the proposals


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Traffic Planning and Movement
  • Pedestrian Movement
  • Cycling
  • Wayfinding
  • Roads Design