Rathdown Avenue - Congestion Alleviation Scheme

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Closes 20 Dec 2021


1. Are you a resident of Rathdown Avenue?
2. Are you a resident of Rathdown Park, Rathdown Crescent or Rathdown Drive.
3. Are you in favour of the proposed scheme to alleviate the ongoing congestion issues on Rathdown Avenue?

Based on the responses received Dublin City Council will make a decision on whether the proposed congestion alleviation scheme will be implemented.

4. What is your mode of transport to and from Bushy Park? Please select your primary mode of transport from the following list.
5. Do you have any comments/observations you wish to add in respect of the Rathdown Avenue Congestion Scheme? Please note based on all comments/feedback received a decision will be made on whether the proposed scheme is implemented.