Rathdown Avenue - Congestion Alleviation Scheme

Closed 20 Dec 2021

Opened 16 Nov 2021

Results updated 6 May 2022



The residents of Rathdown Avenue contacted Dublin City Council (DCC) via the south east area councillors in relation to ongoing issues of traffic congestion on Rathdown Avenue, Dublin 6W. The residents voiced concerns with  traffic congestion on Rathdown Avenue caused by high demand for parking by visitors accessing Bushy Park by private vehicles.

Why your views matter

Dublin City Council would like the views of as many of the residents of Rathdown Avenue and those from Rathdown Estate as possible. In order to gauge the viability of the proposed  congestion scheme.

What happens next

The area engineer who produced the Rathdown Avenue Congestion Alleviation Report. Will assess the replies from residents. Based on these replies a decision will be made on whether the Scheme progresses.


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