Dublin Bay Biosphere

Closed 30 Sep 2014

Opened 31 Aug 2014

Feedback expected 15 Oct 2014


What is a Biosphere?

A biosphere reserve is a place which is internationally recognised by UNESCO for its biodiversity yet is actively managed to promote a balanced relationship between people and nature.  Biospheres have  a ‘core’ designated for nature conservation but the rest of the biosphere includes places where people live sustainably.

Existing Bull Island Biosphere

North Bull Island was designated by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) in 1981 and is the only biosphere in the world entirely  situated in a capital city.  The Island has mainly arisen from human activities.  It developed by the gradual natural deposition of sand behind the North Bull Wall - built in the 1820s to improve navigation of the tidal channel of the Liffey.  The Island is still growing - the only dunes complex on the east coast of Ireland which is increasing.  It is the most designated site on the island of Ireland.

Proposed Dublin Bay Biosphere

The  North Bull Island Biosphere  is currently being reviewed to meet modern criteria and it is proposed to enlarge the designation to cover more of Dublin Bay to reflect its significant  environmental, economic, cultural and tourism importance and extend new opportunities to the Dublin Region.

  These include:

· Quality of Life

· Community development

· Promote ‘green’ image

· Tourism

· Local partnership

· Nature conservation

· Environmental awareness


Why your views matter

Dublin City Council is  initiating a  partnership

between the 3 local authorities (Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Fingal  County Council and Dublin City Council), National Parks and Wildlife Service and Dublin Port Company.

The North Bull Island Biosphere is currently under review to meet new UNESCO requirements and it is proposed to extend the designation to cover more of Dublin Bay.

As part of this review the Dublin Local Authorities have been carrying out  on street conversations with local communities and visitors to spread the word about the biosphere and to ask people what they most value about Dublin Bay and how they would like to see it improved.




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