Montpelier Hill Improvements

Closed 25 Jul 2023

Opened 4 Jul 2023


Montpelier Hill is an important East-West route and was identified as a street for tree planting as part of the Stoneybatter Greening Strategy and for a Sustainable Urban Drainage pilot project as part of DCC's Protection of Water Bodies Office (PWBO) initiatives. 

The project entails the creation of rain gardens on Montpelier Hill, involving the removal of tarmac to expose the underlying soil. This approach enhances permeability, reducing rainwater run-off and creating a more sustainable environment. In response to resident requests and a Road Safety Audit, the project also aims to address traffic issues on the street.

The primary objective of this project is to enhance the streetscape, focusing on improving quality, character, and safety. Please find links to the concept visuals of the scheme and summarised the key objectives below: 

Traffic & Pedestrian safety:

  • Road narrowing at the entrance to Montpelier Hill from Infirmary Road, designed to reduce speed and create space for tree planting.
  • Reduction of road width to discourage high speeds.
  • Limit options for illegal parking.
  • Increase footpath widths to prioritise pedestrian comfort and movement.
  • Clarify road use at the Easter section where the road narrows to improve traffic movements – clear road markings and parking bays.
  • Clear road markings and parking bays to improve traffic movements in the narrower sections of the road

Environmental Benefits:

  • Tree planting mitigates air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide, filtering pollutants, and providing shade.
  • Planting beds that provide ecosystem services that align with climate change objectives, including creating a green corridor for wildlife, protecting against surface water flooding, and reducing heat during urban heat waves.

Why your views matter

We want to implement a scheme that improves the living experience for all residents so please share your feedback or questions on this proposal.

What happens next

Detailed design for construction will be developed following receipt of feedback.


  • Dublin 7


  • Stakeholders
  • Elected Officials
  • Residents Groups


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