Draft Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan

Closes 16 Jun 2021

Opened 19 May 2021


Dublin City Council is preparing a new Biodiversity Action Plan for Dublin City for the next 5 years. The draft plan has been prepared with the assistance of many environmental organisations through a Biodiversity Forum. The Arts, Culture, Leisure and Recreation Strategic Policy Committee has received a report on the draft Plan (see attached) and agreed that public consultation on it can take place. This will take place over 4 weeks.

We want to hear your views to inform the final Biodiversity Action Plan. We would appreciate your taking the time to comment and welcome your ideas.

Why we are consulting

We have a biodiversity crisis and urgent action is needed. We would like the input of the public as to how we can improve biodiversity together. We are all part of the solution and we can all take actions under the new Plan. Biodiversity conservation in Dublin is very much due to voluntary efforts by many people over a number of years and the work done in our schools and universities. It is important that we work together in a coordinated approach to achieve results of these efforts. The Plan helps to coordinate this important work.

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