Ben Edair Road Tree Planting

Closed 10 Aug 2023

Opened 25 Jul 2023


Dear Ben Edair Road Residents,

We are getting in touch to provide an update on the Stoneybatter Greening Strategy and tree planting initiative scheduled this year for Ben Edair Road.

Please see DRAFT layout attached for your consideration.

Taking into account feedback received to date, particularly the need to implement traffic calming measures on the street, we have included two ramps within a quadrant of trees (resembling the setup on Harold Road).

Should the plan receive approval, our aim is to commence the installation during the next planting season, between November 2023 and February 2024.

Please visit Harold Road & Niall Street for relevant local precedents 

Why your views matter

We want to implement a scheme that improves the living experience for all residents so please share your feedback or questions on this proposal.

What happens next

Detailed design for construction will be developed following receipt of feedback.


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