Werburgh Street Cycle Route Phase 1

Closed 15 Sep 2020

Opened 1 Sep 2020


Dublin City Council in conjunction with the National Transport Authority are proposing to improve cycle facilities along Werburgh Street and Castle Street to provide a safe connection to and from Dame Street. It will provide an alternative route for inbound cyclists on Patrick Street who can use the existing contra flow on Bull Alley Street to access this new route.



Why your views matter

Active Mobility is being encouraged including walking for those capable who are within 5km of their destination and cycling for those capable who are within 10km of their destination, thereby leaving the capacity on public transport and on the roads for those who have no alternative.

It is within this context that the scheme is proposed to provide a safe alternative for those travelling to work and school.

Phase 1 proposes installing a contra flow cycle lane along Werburgh Street from Chancery Lane along and Castle Street.  A protected outbound cycle lane along Werburgh Street is also proposed.

It is planned to later signalise the junction with Bride Road to provide a continuous cycle link with Bride Street to Werburgh Street. However as this will take a number of months to complete the design and construct it is intended to initially provide the contra flow link from Chancery Lane. The junction with Christchurch Place will also be looked but as it also requires civil works it will also be part of Phase 2.

Phase 1 requires road marking and bollard protection and it is aimed to implement from the middle of September.

Key Points

  • Protected 24/7 inbound and outbound cycle lanes along Werburgh Street
  • Protected 24/7 contraflow cycle lane on Castle Street
  • Loading and parking will be provided on Werburgh Street
  • Parking including 3 No. disabled spaces will be provided on Castle Street
  • All existing carpark and property access will remain
  • Existing bus stop on Werburgh Street to remain in current location


Dublin City Council would like to gather feedback to find out:

  • If there are specific concerns to any aspects of the proposals
  • If there are any suggestions for improvements



  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Traffic Planning and Movement
  • Cycling
  • Wayfinding
  • Roads Design