Traffic Management changes North and South Quays

Closed 10 Apr 2017

Opened 27 Feb 2017


Non-Statutory Public Consultation

Dublin City Council invite feedback on proposed traffic management changes on the North and South Quays.

The commencement  of  passenger services on the Luas Cross City link to Broombridge  in December 2017 will have a major impact on street and junction capacity of Dublin City and it will  require significant changes to the traffic network to protect the substantial investment in Luas LCC and to  ensure that the commencement of passenger services in December 2017 will be successful.

Luas LCC line crosses the North and South Quays at both O’Connell Bridge and the Rosie Hackett Bridge  and without significant changes to east-west traffic movement along the Quays these two areas will become  major sources of delays and congestion to all modes of transport.

Therefore it is essential that these proposed changes come into effect prior to the opening of the Luas LCC and it is proposed that they are  introduced in August 2017 to allow for the changes to have a period of time to “bed  down “ and to facilitate the beginning of trial running and testing of Trams in that month.

Proposed scheme.
North Quays.
The proposals for the north quays include a new dedicated bus lane from Ormond Quay to Bachelors Walk and across to Eden Quay, with buses stops being extended. It is proposed that left turning general traffic will be allowed to access Bachelors Walk as far as O’Connell Bridge. This will facilitate access to car parks and deliveries into the O’Connell Street, Henry Street and Abbey Street areas.  Remove General  vehicular traffic from Eden Quay at O’Connell Bridge and to reconfigure Eden Quay as far as Marlborough Street as a public transport, cycling and pedestrian only link.
Eden Quay is to consist of two eastbound bus lanes (one for buses stopping) on the north side of the road and the taxi rank will remain on the building side.  The right turn from Bachelors Walk onto O’Connell Bridge will be removed for general vehicle traffic, but will remain for buses, taxis and cyclists.
South Quays.

It is proposed to provide an additional bus lane along Georges Quay, Burgh Quay, Aston Quay and Wellington Quay. This will facilitate the provision of additional bus stopping points, and the overtaking of stopping buses. One lane of general traffic will be retained along this length of the south quays, which will limit the level of westbound through traffic while facilitating access for retail and commercial premises.

In order to line the bus up to access the bus lane on the North Quays, a new dedicated bus lane is planned on Winetavern Street.
Plans and particulars of the proposed changes are attached.

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What happens next

Once the public consultation is completed a report on the Public Consultation will be brought back to the Transportation Strategic Policy Committee at its next meeting.


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