Temple Bar Area Improvement Scheme

Closed 24 Oct 2021

Opened 20 Sep 2021


Dublin City Council’s Road Design and Construction Division is currently working on the detailed design for the Temple Bar Area Improvement Scheme which was granted Part 8 approval in 2017. The Scheme will involve public realm improvements to Temple Bar Square, Crown Alley, Temple Bar and part of Fownes Street Lower.

This is for public information and it is not a consultation process.

Project Overview

Temple Bar Square

The project involves the conversion of Temple Bar Square (including parts of Crown Alley and Fownes Street Lower) to a single surface between the buildings on each side of the Square including removal of the steps on the central portion of the square and the height differential between kerbs and carriageway. The Square is to be paved in granite, with carriageway areas delineated by drainage channels and a slight difference in paving size and colour. The existing trees will be replaced by a signature tree at the north east corner of the Square and a stand of three smaller trees at the western side of the Square along the eastern side of Fownes St Lower. Public seating will be provided on three sides of the Square. A mix of sunny and shaded seating with and without back rests is proposed. A new catenary lighting system will greatly improve the quality of lighting on the Square.


Crown Alley and Temple Bar Street

Temple Bar street (between Fownes St Lower and Temple Lane South) and Crown Alley will be reconstructed with granite footpaths and the traditional Temple Bar cobbled carriageways. On Temple Bar, the northern footpath is to be widened to make it more accessible for all users. Footpath widths on Crown Alley are more generous and will remain largely the same. The carriageway will ramp up to a flush surface at the junctions of Temple Bar and Fownes St Lower and of Temple Bar Square and Crown Alley. Lighting on Temple Bar and Crown Alley will be upgraded with new building mounted lanterns.


Vehicular Movements

The Scheme is within the existing pedestrianised section of the greater Temple Bar area, with deliveries permitted between 0600-1100Hrs only. The existing delivery window is to be retained, but it will be strictly enforced using removable bollards around the perimeter of the greater Temple Bar area. The Council commenced trialling stricter enforcement of the delivery window in 2020 using demountable flexible bollards that are removed between 0600-1100Hrs to facilitate the delivery window. To date this system has all but eliminated traffic travelling through the area outside the delivery window, resulting in a much more pedestrian friendly environment. Automated retractable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Bollards will replace the demountable bollards as part of a future Traffic scheme.

Loading will be facilitated on the northern part of Temple Bar Square and the southern end of Crown Alley. Widening of the northern footpath on Temple Bar Street and the subsequent narrowing of the carriageway will result in this street becoming a clearway.


A plan drawing and 3D visualisations of the proposed layout are available to download at the bottom of this page.

Why your views matter

We want to get your feedback

Due to the Covid-19 Restrictions, we are unable to hold public meeting to present the updated design proposals and get feedback. A solution is to consult on line.

Please give your feedback using the online survey on this webpage or alternatively email roadcon@dublincity.ie (please reference Temple Bar Area Improvement Scheme in your email)


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