Draft Dublin City Centre Transport Plan

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Closes 1 Dec 2023


1. Do you think that reducing ‘through traffic’ will improve the amenity value of Dublin’s city centre? ('Through traffic' is traffic that does not have a destination in the city centre).
2. Do you support the principle of giving commuters more transport choices when they decide to come to Dublin City Centre?
3. Do you think that road space for private vehicles in the core city centre should be reduced to facilitate a more efficient public transport system that has increased capacity?
4. Are you in favour of high quality cycle facilities in the city centre?
5. Are you in favour of high quality pedestrian facilities in the city centre?
6. Do you support the concept of more traffic-free ‘civic spaces’ in the city centre?
7. How do you normally travel to Dublin city centre?
8. Page 32-35 of the draft Plan explore options to create a traffic-free area at 1) Liberty Place (Beresford Place) and at 2) Custom House Quay. What area would you prefer to see become traffic-free:
9. Please select where you live:
10. Please select your gender:
11. Please select your age bracket:
12. Please share any other thoughts or opinions on the draft City Centre Transport Plan.