Edible Dublin: Food Strategy

Closed 14 Feb 2022

Opened 11 Jan 2022


In June 2021, DCC's Eat the Streets Festival! explored Dublin's food heritage and the future of food through After Dinner Chats with food experts and Cook Alongs with local chefs. At the end of the ten days, our heads filled with ideas and lessons from all the people involved, DCC’s Climate Action Team  began exploring the benefits of a food strategy for the city and how it might contribute to climate action.  

A food system is the full cycle of how food is grown, produced, processed, distributed, consumed and disposed of. A food strategy is a method of identifying actions than can enhance food systems, these actions in turn can address other challenges facing the city, like climate action, biodiversity and public health.

In order to better understand, the food system in Dublin City and the benefits of a food strategy, the team has been researching and analysing access to food across the city, and the socio economic factors that may influence food access.  We are now inviting the public to complete the Edible Dublin survey to gain a greater understanding of how the public interacts with their food system to inform a food strategy for the city.

Please note the complete survey can take up to 15-20 minutes - please answer all that you can.



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