Baggot Street - increasing pedestrian space

Closed 21 May 2021

Opened 11 May 2021



Dublin City Council (DCC) has developed a proposal to increase pedestrian space on Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2 in order to provide additional space for pedestrians, space for queueing and to enable hospitality businesses on the street to reopen with outdoor dining.  

Overview of changes

Dublin City Council propose to start these buildouts Monday the 17th of May. The drawing and description are for information. All local businesses will receive information directly.

Key points:

  • Footpath build-outs on the south of Baggot Street Lower
  • Footpath build-out on the north of Baggot Street Lower
  • Cycle parking to be retained
  • Vehicle parking to be retained
  • Loading bays on the north side to be moved out beside the new buildout in the same location
  • Taxi rank on the north side to be moved out beside  the new buildout in the same location

This image shows an aerial view of Baggot Street and highlights the area where footpath extensions are proposed.

Why your views matter

We are holding this consultation to give people the opportunity to share their comments on this proposal. 


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