Wifi4EU Public Consultation

Closed 12 Jun 2019

Opened 15 May 2019


Dublin City Council is asking the public to help identify locations for provision and improvement of free public WiFi in the Council area, as part of an EU-led initiative, WiFi4EU.

WiFi4EU aims to advance free and open access to WiFi for citizens in public spaces including squares, libraries, community centres, public parks, leisure centres, sports centres, art facilities, and community and Council facilities.

The submissions from the public will be used to create a shortlist of possible locations and will be assessed on the following criteria:

  •  Do they refer to centres of public life, indoor or outdoor, that are accessible to the general public?
  • Are there already existing offers of free and open WiF in these locations?
  • Is there an opportunity to upgrade or extend an existing public network?
Dublin City Council will consider submissions made by any person or organisation in relation to the WiFi4EU initiative by Wednesday, June 12th, 2019.

Submissions can be made by email to smartcity@dublincity.ie or in writing to:
Smart City
Dublin City Council
3 Palace Street
Dublin 2

or Online Below




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