Imagine College Green - Online Public Consultation

Closed 26 Jan 2017

Opened 12 Jan 2017


On the 16th of November 2016 Dublin City Council in association with the National Transport Authority hosted a public discussion workshop regarding the design of a new Civic Plaza at College Green.

The aim was to convene a public forum where citizens, interested parties, focus groups and designers could identify and discuss the challenges and opportunities at College Green.  The Report on the workshop will be published shortly.

We are now seeking input from the wider public and would welcome your thoughts by completing the survey below.

A design team is about to be appointed to develop proposals for a new College Green Civic Space and the outcome of the public discussion workshop and your contributions here will inform the brief for the design team

Why We Are Consulting

Luas operations will commence in late 2017 and major traffic management changes will be necessary at College Green. These traffic management changes will also present an opportunity to develop a new Civic Plaza at College Green.

A Public Consultation process was held in April / May 2016 regarding the overall traffic management changes at College Green and the proposal for a new Civic Plaza.

Following this public consultation process and the submissions received, consultants were engaged to carry out a screening assessment of the likely Environmental Impacts of the proposed changes. Following the consultant's report in August 2016, a decision was made to carry out a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and to lodge a development proposal with An Bord Pleanala (ABP) in respect of the proposed traffic management changes and the development of a new Civic Plaza.

Consultants have now been engaged to carry out a full Environmental Impact Statement and to lodge the development proposals and all related documents with An Bord Pleanala (expected to be in March 2017)

A design team is about to be appointed to develop design proposals for the new Civic Plaza.

Dublin City Council are now seeking input from the public and all interested stakeholders to get their views and ideas on the proposed new Civic Plaza.  The focus of this consultation is on the design of the Civic Plaza and not the Traffic Management  proposals.


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