Draft Poolbeg West SDZ Planning Scheme

Closed 8 Mar 2017

Opened 24 Jan 2017


Making a submission allows you to give your views on a particular issue or theme. Submissions are made so that you, or your group can contribute to the making of the Planning Scheme. Your submission may be composed of a number of different observations based on different themes. To assist you we have listed the Draft Planning Scheme themes below and such that you can make submission under the relevant theme. Your submission may include photos or other documents.

All submissions and observations received within the timeframe set out above will be taken into consideration before the finalisation of the Strategy.

In order to facilitate the plan preparation process, please make your submission as early as possible. Keep all submissions clear, simple and concise.

Closing date for all submissions is Wednesday 8th of March 2017.



  • All Areas


  • Stakeholders
  • Prescribed Bodies
  • Service Providers / Utilities
  • Voluntary Organisations/ NGO
  • Business Associations and Organisations
  • Environmental Organisations
  • National Representative Bodies
  • Elected Officials
  • Residents Groups
  • All citizens
  • Older people
  • Children and Young People (u18)
  • Gach SaorĂ¡nach


  • Planning