Phibsborough Mountjoy Local Area Plan

Closed 5 Aug 2014

Opened 7 Jul 2014


The City Council proposes to amend the existing Local Area Plan for Phibsborough / Mountjoy 2008 with a view to having a new plan in place for 2015-2021. As this review process starts we would like to get your opinions on the current plan – what should stay / change / be introduced?

The existing Local Area Plan 2008  can be viewed here

The area covered by the plan extends north as far as Marguerite Road, south to Western Way, east to Dorset Street and west to Grangegorman Upper, and is shown on the map below.

The LAP will guide the development of a number of key sites within the area – the uses that should be accommodated on the sites, building heights, connections etc.

As part of this process Dublin City Council is also proposing to carry out a number of  environmental improvements, and is seeking suggestions on what these might be.

An Issues Paper has been prepared to stimulate debate on the Plan and this can be viewed below.

Why your views matter

We are interested in what you have to say.

Your answers to questions posed in the Issues Paper and below, and your suggestions about the future development of the Phibsborough / Mountjoy area, will assist the Planning Department in the preparation of the new Plan.

You may answer one question or all questions. We are interested in what matters to you.


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