Luas Cross City Special Development Contributions Scheme

Closed 20 Feb 2017

Opened 9 Jan 2017


Luas Cross City - St. Stephens Green to Broombridge Line is a 6km line extension of the Luas system to the north of the city centre, providing an interchange between the existing Red and Green Luas lines. The provision of this line will be a significant step in the creation of an integrated public transport system for Dublin, providing an effective link between the main city centre shopping districts at Henry Street and Grafton Street, linking the central city business precincts and providing access to the city centre for the communities of Phibsborough and Cabra as well as providing an interchange with the Irish Rail system at Broombridge.  Its delivery and successful operation is an essential component in securing a consolidated and sustainable city while also contributing significantly to the revitalisation and re-development of the city.

In order to help fund the provision of the Luas Cross City (LCC) Dublin City Council has prepared a Draft Supplementary Development Contribution Scheme in accordance with the provisions of Section 49 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended. Section 49 provides for the making of a Supplementary Development Contribution Scheme which allows a Planning Authority to attach a condition to a planning permission, for development which benefits from public infrastructure, requiring payment of a financial contribution in respect of the provision of that infrastructure. 

Details of the proposed contributions under the Draft Supplementary Development Contribution Scheme are as follows:


Description of Development


Amount of Contribution


€2,000 per unit


€38 per square metre


€43 per square metre


Following public consultation a report on the submission/observations will be submitted to the elected members of Dublin City Council for consideration before determining the Luas Cross City Supplementary Development Contribution Scheme. This public consultation period is for 6 weeks from Monday 9th January to Monday 20th February 2016.


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