St. James's Linear Park Masterplan

Closed 11 Jan 2021

Opened 18 Nov 2020


St. James's Linear park section - show basin lane proposed play space In July 2018, Ait Urbanism and Landscape Architects were appointed by Dublin City Council Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services to undertake an assessment of St. James’s Linear Park. The park takes its name from neighbouring St. James’s Hospital and encompasses over a kilometre of public open space alongside the ‘Red’ Luas line - beginning at Suir Road Bridge to the west and ending at Basin View to the east. Both Rialto and Fatima Luas stops are located between these two points.

Since then a number of community engagement sessions and consultations have taken place with local residents and key stakeholders; Transport Infrastructure Ireland, St. James’ Hospital and the National Children’s Hospital which is currently under construction.

A draft masterplan for the park is now complete, a design that has been informed by site analysis, research and dialogue with the local community.

The masterplan presents a new vision for the park, one that seeks to create a safe, usable and inviting amenity in the Liberties, a park that through high-quality place-making will become integral to the local community and a destination in its own right.

It is proposed that the scheme will be implemented, subject to funding in phases described below:

Phase 1 - The first phase of the scheme proposes an improved arrival space at the existing MISA building entrance to St. James’ Hospital. The proposals include for improved circulation from the Fatima Luas platform to the existing gated entrance to the hospital, featuring high-quality hard and soft landscaping finishes. Bicycle parking and bench seating will be provided in a central focal space, featuring a specimen tree and Limestone sett paving. Existing tree planting will be supplemented with additional semi-mature tree planting in areas of amenity grass and wildflower meadow planting. The planning for this section is associated with the planning granted for the MISA entrance.

Construction was due to start in September but there has been some Covid related delays. Commencement is now Q1 2021.

Fatima Luas Stop East to Basin View - Works include the provision of play facilities and an amphitheatre style space which utilises the existing landform and topography. A community garden may also be provided subject to further consultation with relevant local stakeholders.

West from Fatima Luas Stop to Rialto Bridge - Works north of the LUAS line will include a 4m wide asphalt pathway connecting Rialto and Fatima Luas stops featuring a series of skateable elements along the path network and a variety of soft landscape interventions including a pocket play area for toddlers and young children as a resource for families visiting the hospital. It is envisaged that this section of the park will be completed alongside the opening of the hospital – due in March ’22 – This program may change due to Covid delays.

Rialto Bridge west to Suir Road Bridge – Proposals include the widening of the existing path network running to the south of the Luas tracks to create a pedestrian and cycle route and wildflower meadow planting to enhance and promote biodiversity.

To the north of the Luas infrastructure and to the west of Rialto Bridge, the concept to construct a pathway and a new entrance to the park from South Circular Road will require further discussion and agreement with local residents

A variety of tree planting is proposed including an area of orchard tree planting to the south of Mountshannon Lane with large specimen trees lining the path network. There is also potential to accommodate a community garden.

At the western end of the site, consideration is being given to activating the canal as a recreational amenity with the insertion of a timber decked kayak launching platform and facilities for kayak storage. This is being discussed with Waterways Ireland and various interest groups to consider options for improvements.

Note- The proposed option shown for the junction treatment at Rialto bridge is concept only. Any project here is subject to funding and will be developed by DCC Environment and Transport deparment if feasible.

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Due to the Covid-19 Restrictions, we are unable to hold another public meeting to present the updated design proposals and get feedback. A solution is to consult online and we will also display the design proposal boards in the park.

Please give your feedback using the online survey on this webpage.


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