Local Economic and Community Plan 2024-2029 Public Consultation Survey

Closed 16 Jan 2024

Opened 16 Nov 2023



Dublin City Council is working on a new Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP). The LECP is a six-year plan containing objectives  to:

1) Promote and support local and community development in Dublin City

2) Promote and support economic development

In order to achieve the objectives, numerous collaborative actions will be delivered by Dublin City Council  and various economic and community development stakeholders throughout the city.

Why your views matter

We need your help

This LECP aims to contribute to the future positive development of Dublin City. To help us design the most robust plan, we want to hear from you / your organisation. We want to hear your thoughts, ideas and actions  on how to improve neighbourhoods,  communities and local economies for all who live, work, learn in and visit Dublin city.

Please review the below draft LECP High Level Goals (HLG) and objectives.  Your input will assist to further refine these goals and objectives and to capture and create actions.

What happens next

Please note this survey is anonymous and  confidential. The survey contains 17 questions and should take less than 10 minutes to complete. The survey will remain open until 15th December 2023 at 5pm. If you need support in completing the survey, or wish to request a physical copy please email lecp@dublincity.ie.


  • All Areas


  • Stakeholders
  • Prescribed Bodies
  • Service Providers / Utilities
  • Voluntary Organisations/ NGO
  • Business Associations and Organisations
  • Environmental Organisations
  • National Representative Bodies
  • Elected Officials
  • Residents Groups
  • Staff


  • Traffic Planning and Movement
  • Public Transport
  • Pedestrian Movement
  • Cycling
  • Wayfinding
  • Roads Design
  • Roads Maintenance
  • Road Licences
  • Road Closures
  • Taxi Ranks
  • Planning
  • Urban Design
  • City Development Plan
  • Forward Planning
  • Local Area Plans
  • Public Realm
  • Economic Development
  • Property Development
  • Strategic Development Zones
  • Conservation
  • Heritage
  • Parks, Greening and Biodiversity
  • Open and Civic Space
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Events
  • Tourism
  • Casual Trading
  • Control of Dogs and Horses
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Facilities
  • Childrens Services
  • Older Persons Services
  • Arts and Culture
  • Street Performance/ Busking
  • Homeless Services
  • Traveller Accommodation
  • Housing Management
  • Regeneration Projects
  • Environmental Health
  • Water and Drainage
  • Waste Management
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Issues
  • Local Property Tax
  • An Cháin Mhaoine Áitiúil
  • All Interests
  • All Services
  • Gach Seirbhís
  • Uile
  • Fire Services
  • Training
  • Human Resources