Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership (DCSWP) Strategy Consultation for Organisations

Closed 28 Mar 2016

Opened 3 Mar 2016


Dublin City Council (DCC), in cooperation with a number of sporting, community and business organisations has recently established the Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing Partnership (DCSWP) to improve the quality of life of people living and working in Dublin City.  This goal is to be achieved primarily through the provision of opportunities for people to take part in sport and physical activity. It is our aim that Dublin City will be recognised as a national and international leader in providing opportunities for physical activity and in promoting wellbeing among its citizens.

DCSWP is currently developing a 5-year strategy statement to frame its activities in the medium term. As part of that process we are now seeking input from interested stakeholders within the city. All responses will be treated in strictest confidence and will only be used for the purposes of developing the strategy. We would be grateful if you would take the time (about 15 minutes) to complete this short questionnaire. We ask you to be as honest as possible in your responses.

In the case where the organisation has had previous dealings with DCC around sport or physical activity, we ask that the individual completing the questionnaire be someone who has had the most contact in that regard. Where the organisation has had no dealings with DCC in respect of such matters we ask that the individual completing the form be sufficiently senior to represent accurately the views of the organisation. In either case we suggest that the responses be developed while taking into account the views of other relevant colleagues within the organisation.

We are most appreciative of your time in completing the survey and thank you for you valued input.

If you wish to complete the survey in Irish download the form below and email it to shauna.mcintyre@dublincity.ie

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