Waste Management (Storage, Presentation and Segregation of Household and Commercial Waste) Bye-Laws 2018

Closed 10 Jul 2020

Opened 27 May 2020


The Bye-Laws regulate how domestic and commercial waste must be stored, presented and segregated prior to collection and include the provision for fixed payment notice penalties of €75 for offences in accordance with section 206 of the Local Government Act 2001 or for a fine of up to €2,500 on conviction.

The proposed amendment provides that the following sub section be inserted into the existing bye law 2.4 Use of Waste Containers on Collection Day after sub section (B):

(c) In specified areas within the functional area of Dublin City Council, Dublin City Council may designate that only waste containers suitable for re-use may be used for the presentation of household and/or commercial waste for collection. Waste containers suitable for reuse include appropriate waste containers and any such other waste containers that may be designated by Dublin City Council from time to time as suitable for reuse.

A schedule of specified areas where there presentation of household and/or commercial waste may only be presented in waste containers suitable for reuse will be maintained by Dublin City Council. A schedule of waste containers designated as suitable for reuse will also be maintained by Dublin City Council.

The Draft Amended Bye-Laws may be inspected online below

Copies of the Draft Amended Bye-Laws are available from Waste Management Services, Environment and Transportation Department, Dublin City Council, 68 – 70 Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8 (between the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday) by appointment only.

Copies may also be requested via email to waste.management@dublincity.ie or by post and will be provided free of charge.


Dublin City Council will consider any submissions in relation to the draft amendment of the Bye-Laws which are submitted in writing to Waste Management Services, Environment and Transportation Department, Dublin City Council, 68 – 70 Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8, by email to waste.management@dublincity.ie or on line at www.consultation.dublin.ie on or before Friday 10th July 2020.


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