Survey on proposed Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2019

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Closes 22 Sep 2019

Levels of support & opposition

1. Levels of Support & Opposition
How strongly do you support or oppose the proposal to introduce a 30km/h speed limit to residential areas?
How strongly do you support or oppose the proposal to introduce a periodic 30km/h speed limit to school areas?
2. How will people drive in 30km/hr zones
I will be careful to observe new 30km/h limits wherever they are.
30km/h limits are a good idea in theory but are unlikely to make a worthwhile difference.
30km/h speed limits in residential areas is a positive thing for the community and its environment.
Our residential areas are safe for vulnerable road users and do not need the speed limits to be lowered.
3. Thoughts on others:
Most people drive too quickly
I wish everyone would slow down a bit on the roads.
Breaking speed limits is not acceptable in most circumstances.
If 30km/h limits were introduced most drivers would not stick to them.
People will ignore 30km/h limits because they don’t see themselves getting caught by the police.
4. Thoughts of themselves:
If a 30km/h speed limit is introduced, I may not stick to it.
I use my own judgement, not speed limits, to decide on my speed on the road.
5. Ability & Confidence
Most people who break 30km/h speed limits don’t mean to, they simply didn’t notice the limit was 30km/h.
I tend to unconsciously drive faster than speed limits quite often.
I tend to drive at the speed of other people on the road.
I don’t much engage with speed limits, I just go with the flow.