Feedback on Grafton Street area Pedestrianisation Trials

Closed 2 Sep 2020

Opened 25 Jul 2020

Results updated 2 Nov 2020

We Asked

Grafton Street area weekend pedestrianisation trials commenced on the 25th/26th July. Originally due to run for four weekends they were extended until the end of August. An online survey to gather feedback from the trial weekends was available on the Dublin City Council consultation hub

You Said

1,588 responses were received over the course of the trials. Surveys carried out by business groups were also shared with DCC.

96% of respondents felt the pedestrianisation improved their experience, while just 3% reported having a negative experience.

A strong majority of respondents were in favour of pedestrianising these streets permanently.

We Did

A report on the pedestrianisation of the Grafton Street Trial Pedestrianisation and the proposed next steps was compiled.

Here is a summary of the propsed next steps. More details are available in the report.

Summary of Proposed Next Steps



Pedestrianisation trials of the Grafton Street area take place over four weekends from 25th July.

The locations for this trial are:

  • Anne Street South from the junction of Dawson Street
  • Duke Street from the junction of Dawson Street
  • South William Street from the Brown Thomas carpark exit to Chatham Row
  • Drury Street from Fade Street to the Drury Street carpark
  • Dame Court From Exchequer street

Dublin City Council would like to gather feedback from people who attend these trials to find out:

1) Suggestions for how to improve the trials from week to week

2) People's views on pedestrianising these streets permanently




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