Draft Environmental Noise Action Plan for the Agglomeration of Dublin

Closed 19 Dec 2018

Opened 7 Nov 2018


EC Directive 2002/49/EC and S.I. No. 140 of 2006 relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise

Preparation of a Draft Environmental Noise Action Plan for the Agglomeration of Dublin

Dublin City Council, Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown County Council, Fingal County Council and South Dublin County Council intend to prepare jointly an ‘Environmental Noise Action Plan’ for the Dublin Agglomeration.

This strategic plan will cover environmental noise from traffic and rail and exclude noise from aircraft, domestic activities, noise created by neighbours, noise at work places or noise inside means of transport or due to military activities in military areas.

The main purpose of the Noise Action Plan is to: -

  • Inform and consult the public about noise exposure, its effects, and the measures which may be considered to address noise problems.
  • Address strategic noise issues by requiring competent authorities to draw up action plans to manage noise issues and their effects.
  • To reduce noise where possible and maintain environmental acoustic quality where it is good.

The Noise Action Plan will cover the period from December 2018 to November 2023.

Public Display

Information on Noise maps, reports and population exposure statistics can be found on each of the four Local Authority’s websites:

A draft of the proposed Noise Action Plan in paper format is also available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at each Council Main Office, during normal office hours.

Making a Submission

Written submissions or observations for the relevant areas, in relation to the draft Noise Action Plan may be made on-line at any of the following facilities:


For the Dublin City Council area

By Post:-

By Email:-

The Traffic Noise & Air Quality Unit,


Block 2, Floor 6,


Civic Offices, Wood Quay, D8


All written representations shall be made by in writing up to 4.00pm on Wednesday, December 19th, 2018, or midnight on December 19th 2018 if submitted though the online facility.

Submissions should be in ONE medium only and include the full name and address of the person making the submission, details of organisation, community group or company represented where relevant and clearly marked "Draft Noise Action Plan".

Only submissions received by Wednesday 19th December 2018 and addressed as set out above, will be considered. Submissions cannot be accepted in any other format or to any other postal address. Submissions and observations should state the name, address, and where relevant the body represented. However in the interests of data protection interested parties are asked not to include any other personal information when making submissions.

It should be noted that the Freedom of Information Act applies to all records held by the four Dublin Local Authorities.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Traffic Planning and Movement
  • Public Transport
  • Pedestrian Movement
  • Cycling
  • Wayfinding
  • Roads Design
  • Roads Maintenance
  • Road Licences
  • Road Closures
  • Taxi Ranks