Proposed Draft East Link Toll Bye-Laws 2020 made under Part V Roads Act 1993.

Closes 25 Mar 2020

Opened 12 Feb 2020


The purpose of the bye-laws is to set out the toll rates at the Eastlink Toll Road.  It is now proposed to update the bye Laws and to change the toll rates in line with that agreed by the elected members at the statutory budget meeting on the 25th of November 2019. Dublin City Council at its meeting on 3rd February 2020 approved the initiation of a public consultation process in relation to formulating the draft East Link Toll Bye-Laws 2020.

The main changes in the Bye Laws are :-

  1. The use of the consumer price index rather than the Wholesale price index for the calculation of any future increases.
  2. A new class of vehicle which will have five axle or greater has been created.
  3. The Five axle vehicle will pay a Nil toll during the hours of operation of the HGV Cordon in the city centre provided the vehicle has not been in breach of the HGV cordon.
  4. The Ringsend Toll Bridge DAC a wholly owned company of DCC is the Toll operator on DCC’s behalf.

The proposed changes in toll rates are as set out below. :-

                                        Existing                                   Proposed from May 1st 2020

Private Motor Cars……….€1.40                                    1.90

Buses & Coaches…………..€2.10                                   2.90

Vans……………………………..€2.10                                    2.90

2 axle HGV…………………….€2.85                                   3.90

3 Axle HGV……………………€3.50                                    4.80

4 Axle HGV……………………€4.25                                    5.80

5+ Axle HGV ---------------€4.25                                     5.80

Pedestrians, cyclists, motor bikes , emergency vehicles, Specially adapted vehicles driven by disabled persons and marked vehicles used by the Gardai, defence forces and Dublin City Council are all exempt from tolls. In addition 5+ axle HGVs during the hours of operation of the HGV cordon are also exempt from tolls.

The adoption of the Bye-Laws is a reserved function of the City Council.

Dublin City Council will consider submission made by any persons in relation to the draft Bye-Laws.  Submissions must be made either online at or in writing to:

Executive Manager,

Environment & Transportation Department,

Block 2, Floor 7,

Civic Offices,

Fishamble Street,

Dublin 8.

Before 4 p.m. on Wednesday 25th March 2020. 

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