Capel Street Traffic Free Proposal

Closed 4 Apr 2022

Opened 11 Mar 2022

Feedback updated 27 Apr 2022

We asked

A Consultation on the Traffic Free proposal for Capel Street was held between the 11th March to 4th April 2022

We asked?

  • Are you a resident, business, public representative, general public, other?
  • How will this proposal affect you?
  • Do you have any suggestions for further improving the proposal?
  • Do you have any concerns about the proposal?

You said

1,766 submissions were received

We did

Dublin City Council has compiled a report on the non-statutory consultation (available below). This was presented to Central Area Councillors on the 27th April who unanimously adopted the report which is to be implemented in May.


Following 17 Traffic Free weekends from June 2021 to October 2021, a consultation was held which received 7,000 submissions.  Based on these where 96% of respondents felt the Traffic Free evenings improved their experience, and 89% who wanted to see Traffic Free measures on Capel Street, the Traffic Department have been exploring how to achieve this whilst facilitating the needs of residents, businesses and all users of the street.

Dublin City Council intend that Capel Street becomes Traffic Free from May this year. 

The proposal includes:

  • Permanent closure at Parnell St after Jervis Lane to remove through traffic on Capel street
  • Delivery access will be facilitated between 6am and 11am. Car parking spaces will be removed and converted to loading bays to ensure there is sufficient space. There will be all day loading provided at a number of side streets
  • Mary’s Abbey traffic flow direction will be reversed and residents existing from Abbey St will exit via Mary’s Abbey
  • Mary Street between Capel Street and Jervis Lane will be reversed
  • Strand Street Little and Strand Street Great will remain open to traffic all day
  • Emergency Vehicular access is maintained at all times as the emergency services will be able to access all locations on Capel Street.
  • This is an important North South cycle route with a contraflow section on Ryders Row/ Capel Street allowing access from Bolton Street. Therefore it is proposed cycling will still be allowed on the street and in time the option of contra flow cycling will also be explored.
  • Initial street improvements including seating and greening are to be provided


This image shows a map of the proposed traffic free area on Capel Street


Full details are contained in the report below.

This consultation is looking to seek people’s views on this proposal and in particular if:

  • How this proposal will affect you
  • If you have any suggestions to further improve the proposal
  • If you have any concerns on the proposal


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Traffic Planning and Movement
  • Pedestrian Movement
  • Cycling
  • Wayfinding
  • Roads Design