Cycle & Scooter Parking for Schools

Closed 18 Feb 2021

Opened 11 Jan 2021


During the autumn term Dublin City Council delivered cycle parking to 63 schools, creating cycle parking spaces for over 1,400 bikes. There was significant demand for cycle parking as increasing numbers of students are choosing to cycle to school. 

We are delighted to have been awarded more funding from the National Transport Authority to deliver further cycle parking to schools, as well to deliver scooter parking for the first time.  

If your school would like cycle and/or scooter parking, please ask your School Principal to complete the online application form at the end of this page to register your interest. 

Who can apply?

  • This round of funding is only open to schools.
  • If you are a sports club that would like cycle parking, please see our Cycle & Scooter Parking for Sports Clubs programme 
  • If you have a suggestion for cycle parking in a public place, please see our website for information on how to make a request.

Cycle parking

DCC provides free-standing Sheffield stands to your school, as shown in the photo. Cycle parking is available in either junior or standard sizes. Please see the document at the end of this page for more information on the dimensions of the various stands available. 

This photo shows a cycle rack with five stands in a school yard.

Scooter parking

DCC is now also providing scooter parking to schools. The scooter stands provided hold 20 scooters and are approximately 1 metre long. 

This photo shows a scooter stand which is holding four scooters. The scooter stand is in a school yard.

What DCC will do:

  • We will supply cycle and/or scooter parking stands to your school free of charge. 
  • We will arrange free delivery of the stands to your school.
  • We will provide schools with instructions on how to install the stands. 

What the school needs to do:

  • It is the school's responsibility to install the stands once they are delivered. 
  • Once the stands are delivered to the school, they become the school's responsibility. Schools need to sign a waiver to accept responsibility for the stands as part of the application process.
  • Promote active travel among their school community. 
  • Send on a photo of the stands in use. 
  • Complete a follow-up survey after the stands have been delivered.


  • Interested schools complete the online application form to register their interest.
  • Schools will be notified about the success of their application.
  • Schools send in a photo of the cycle / scooter parking in use.  


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Cycling