Active Travel Webinar Series - feedback survey

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Closes 11 Aug 2021


1. Please rate how much the webinar series improved your knowledge / understanding of the following. (0 = not at all, 5 = a lot)
2. How would you rank your knowledge of active travel issues overall? (0 = no knowledge at all, 5 = very high level of knowledge)
3. What did you like / find helpful about the webinar series?
4. What could we improve about the webinar series?
5. How interested would you be in the following topics for future webinars? (0 = not at all interested, 5 = very interested)
6. Please list any other topic suggestions for future webinars
7. We plan to run cycle training and a Bike Buddy programme for staff in the coming months. If you would be interested in taking part in either of these, please fill in your email address and we'll send on further details.
8. Any other comments?