Become a School Zone

Closed 31 May 2021

Opened 28 Aug 2020


Dublin City Council, in collaboration with the National Transport Authority and Green-Schools recently launched the School Zones initiative in two schools in Dublin city.  

The School Zone initiative is part of a suite of interim Covid mobility interventions being installed by DCC in order to create more space for walking and cycling during the pandemic. 

We are keen to implement School Zones in more schools in the city and will be rolling out this measure in the coming weeks and months. 

A School Zone is an initiative designed to give priority to students at the school gate by freeing up footpaths and reducing vehicle drop-offs, pick-ups and idling. In a School Zone the overall design objective is to reduce congestion and increase safety at the front of school, and thereby prioritise active travel (walking and cycling) to and from school.

School Zones aims to:

  • Highlight the presence of the school
  • Encourage traffic to slow down in the School Zone area
  • Encourage drivers not to park on pavements
  • Encourage cars to make drop-offs outside the School Zone area and not to stop in the School Zone area

A School Zone includes:

  • Line-marking stating ‘School Zone’ at either end of the area
  • Colourful circles on the road demarcating the front of school area
  • Pencil-shaped bollards on the footpath to prevent illegal parking

These design features assist in creating a safer, calmer, more attractive environment at the school gate.


School Zone designs are only suitable on local and residential roads and must have support from the school, the parents and local residents.

If you are interested in a School Zone at your school and believe your school is suitable, please complete the following form.

All applications will be assessed and Dublin City Council will contact you directly if a School Zone is deemed appropriate at your school.



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