Proposed Draft Variation No 6 of the Dublin City Development Plan 2016 - 2022: Marrowbone Lane (including DCC Depot lands), Dublin 8

Closed 13 Dec 2018

Opened 16 Nov 2018


The purpose of the variation is:

The Planning Authority considers that it is appropriate to change the zoning of the subject lands to Z14 (Strategic Development and Regeneration Area), for a number of reasons.

The rationalisation of the City Council depot will deliver a well designed consolidated depot on a significantly smaller footprint (45% of its current footprint) enabling the continued delivery of essential Council services including flood risk management, street cleaning, road maintenance and housing maintenance to the city centre and south city areas. The balance of the site would be given over to the provision of improved amenity and recreational facilities, some residential and mixed use development and new access routes as provided for in the Liberties Local Area Plan.

The Depot Consolidation Project will expedite the implementation of important elements of the Liberties Local Area Plan by facilitating the following:

  •  the provision of additional all weather pitches adjacent to and managed by St. Catherine’s Leisure Centre (one 7 a-side pitch: 60m x 35m; one 4 a-side pitch: 20m x 35m; in addition to the existing astro field),
  •  the provision of an additional 100 plus new residential units,
  •  an improved active street frontage and public realm along Marrowbone Lane
  • improved permeability of the area by provision of 2 new access routes - the Robert Street South extension & an extension to Allingham Street.
    Whilst it is noted that a large part of this area is now zoned Z9 (open space), these areas are currently in use as a depot.  It is important to highlight the enhancements to both the public realm and open space provision in the surrounding area that have taken place or are due to take place.  There have been significant improvements in the delivery of new public open space or upgraded open space in the wider area in the recent past and there are also proposals for further improvements.  These sites are:
    1. Weaver Park, Cork Street
    2. Bridgefoot Street
    3. St Teresa’s Gardens
    4. St Luke’s
    5. St. Audeon’s Park
    6. Newmarket Square
    7. Linear Park along St James’s Hospital



What Happens Next

A report from the Chief Executive on all submissions received, together with recommendations, will be presented to Elected Members for consideration and decision.  If the variation is agreed, the site in question will be considered as being rezoned.


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