Park West-Cherry Orchard Local Area Plan

Closed 16 Mar 2018

Opened 12 Feb 2018


Pre-Draft Public Consultation Issues Paper

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 20 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended), that Dublin City Council is preparing a new Local Area Plan (LAP) for the Park West-Cherry Orchard area. The Park West-Cherry Orchard Local Area Plan will guide how the area will develop over time, the types of development that will be encouraged and where these should be located. The LAP will also look at things like how easy it is to travel around the area, the quality of public spaces and the design of future buildings.

Public consultation is an integral part of the Local Area Plan process. An issues paper has been prepared for Park West-Cherry Orchard in order to stimulate public debate and to provide the public with an opportunity to identify the ‘issues’ of concern, prior to commencement of the preparation of the Draft Local Area Plan. To assist this process, Dublin City Council is inviting submissions from the public on issues which the plan should address.

The issues paper is an early and important step in the process, and is undertaken before the preparation of the draft LAP to ensure that local issues are identified at an early stage and inform the preparation of the draft plan. The purpose of this paper is to pose a series of questions under a number of themes to prompt ideas on the types of issues that the plan should address.

What Happens Next

It is proposed to bring the Draft Plan, along with the Chief Executives' response to the public submissions, and responses to issues raised by the Elected Members, to the City Council meeting scheduled for Monday 7th October 2019.


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