Ventry Park Improvements, Cabra, Dublin 7

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Closes 31 Jul 2020


Landscape Proposal planThe new design approach seeks to improve improve the accessibility of Ventry Park and to make better use of the space.

 The new layout includes the following;

  • New creative play areas for children from toddlers to teens, including a multi-purpose kick-about area
  • Reduction of hard paved areas for softer landscaping and planting for increased biodiversity
  • Provide spaces to sit, enjoy the new planting and meet your neighbours
  • Development of a new community garden/growing area
  • Creation of new walkways/routes through the park
  • Opening up of 2 new gates/entrances for better accessibility to the park

The existing Recreational Buidling, Railings and Statue of Our Lady will be retained in the new park layout.


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