Ventry Park Improvements, Cabra, Dublin 7

Closed 31 Jul 2020

Opened 19 Jun 2020


Overall Aerial view of park proposal

Ventry Park is a small residential park in Cabra, Dublin 7. Currently it is predmominantly covered with tarmac with very little green space, a small playground and only one bench.  Dublin City Council Parks & Landscape Services decided to improve the park for the surrounding residents.

We held a public meeting on 25th September 2019 in the recreational building situated along the north boundary of Ventry Park, to hear the fears and concerns of the residents.

Following on from our Public Consultation meeting, we took the issues of the reisdents on board and we are delighted to present a design proposal for Ventry Park, which seeks to address the main issues raised on the night.

The design approach of the new layout allows for better use and greater accessibility into the park.The existing railings, recreational building and Statue of Our Lady are being retained.

We have uploaded the design presentation boards, along with an audio description to this consultation page. Please click on the Related Documents tab below.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to hear your comments on our proposal.

View towards small play area and informal amenity area with wildflower and herbaceous plantingDue to the Covid-19 Restrictions, we are unable to hold another public meeting to present the design proposals. A solution is to display the design proposal boards on the boundary railings of Ventry Park for a period of 6 weeks. We have also uploaded the design presentation boards, along with an audio description to this consultation page. Please click on the Related Documents tab below.

These display boards will be in place until July 31st 2020

We look forward to hearing your comments on the plan which you can submit by the following methods;

Public Consultation Webpage: By completing this online consultation


Phone:  (01) 2225278

Post: Parks & Landscape Services, Dublin City Council, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 - Please mark your envelope with Ventry Park Proposal
View of the informal amenity area with wildflower planting

The closing date for comments is July 31st 2020

What Happens Next

When we hear your comments, we will compile a report to present to Dublin City Councillors area committee meeting in August / September 2020.

At present we are undertaking a design consultation process. Detailed design, tender stages and implementation of the project will be dependent on support and funding for the project. 



  • Display of Design Presentation Boards

    From 19 Jun 2020 at 12:00 to 31 Jul 2020 at 12:00

    We are going to display the Ventry Park Design Presentation boards on the railings of Ventry Park for a period of 6 weeks to enable residents to see what the proposals are and make comments/observations.


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