Draft Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plan

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Closes 16 Jun 2021


Biological Diversity or ‘Biodiversity’ is the variety and variability of all life on Earth.  

This is the third Biodiversity Action Plan for Dublin City and it is also closely aligned with policies on climate change. 

We have structured this online consultation questionnaire according to the themes set out in the Draft Plan. Under each theme you will be able to provide feedback on the theme, its objectives and the actions. There will then be a section at the end for general comments on the plan.

If you wish to not answer any of the sections, click on to the "Continue" button at the bottom right hand side of the page.  You can also save your responses and return to it at a later date. We thank you for taking the time to feedback into this process.

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4. Have you read any of the previous Dublin City Biodiversity Action Plans?

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