Taking in Charge 1-7 Parkview, Kincora Court, Clontarf, Dublin 3

Closed 23 Mar 2021

Opened 8 Feb 2021


In accordance with the provisions of Section 11 of the Roads Act, 1993 as set out in Subsection 4 and 5 of section 180 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended by Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2010, Dublin City Council hereby gives notice of its intention to consider the making of a declaration that the roads and footpaths at 1-7 Parkview, Kincora Court, Clontarf, Dublin 3 be public roads and footpaths. The roads and footpaths are indicated on the attached drawing RM 37542.


Why we are consulting

In accordance with Section 11 of the Roads Act 1993 we are obliged to display the map for a period of no less than 1 month and must accept representation and objections from the public in writing for a further 2 weeks. Dublin City Council's North Central Area Office will collate all submissions received and will include them in a report for consideration by the Elected Members of the City Council.

Please note: Taking in Charge is a reserved function of the City Council.

The drawing will be on view from Monday 8th February 2021 and we will accept submissions through the hub from Monday 8th February 2021 until midnight on Tuesday 23rd March 2021. 

Postal submissions will be accepted until 5pm on Tuesday 23rd March 2021. 

What happens next

All representation and objections received will be included in a report which will be brought to the City Council for their consideration before they make a final decision on the proposal. 


  • Dublin 3


  • Anyone from any background


  • All Interests