Proposed extinguishment of the Public Right of Way over a laneway located at 3 – 69 Annadale Drive, Marino, Dublin 9.

Closed 14 Dec 2022

Opened 26 Oct 2022


In accordance with Section 73 (1) of the Roads Act 1993 Dublin City Council hereby gives notice that it is considering the proposal to extinguish the Public Right of Way over a laneway at 3-69 Annadale Drive, Marino, Dublin 9.

A request to have the public right of way extinguished was submitted to Dublin City Council’s North Central Area Office by a majority of residents who have properties abutting this laneway. The reason why they are requesting the closure of the laneway is to prevent the ongoing issue of anti-social behaviour, to improve the safety and security of their homes and to stop the illegal dumping taking place at the location. The proposed method of closure is by means of a lockable gate. 

This laneway has only one point of entry/exit and is not a link between areas therefore permeability will not be affected by its closure.

The right of way to be extinguished can be viewed on the attached drawing RM37653B.

Why your views matter

In accordance with section 73 (1) of the Roads Act 1993 we are obliged to display the drawing for a period of no less than 1 month and must accept representations and objections from the public in writing for a further 2 weeks. The drawing will be available to view here on the consultation hub from 26th October 2022 and submissions will be accepted through the hub from this date until midnight on 14th December.

It should be noted that persons making such representations or objections, may make a request, in writing, to state their case at an oral hearing conducted by a person appointed by the Local Authority for that purpose.

The closing date for receipt of postal submissions is 5pm on 14th December 2022.

Dublin City Council will consider any objections or representations received and will bring a full report to the North Central Area Committee & City Council for their consideration and decision.

Please note: Extinguishing a Public Right of Way is a reserved function of the City Council. 


What happens next

All representation and objections received will be included in a report which will be brought to the City Council for their consideration before they make a final decision on the proposal. 


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