Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane, Dublin 1 - Upgrade Works- Part 8 Application

Closed 18 Jul 2019

Opened 6 Jun 2019


This Part 8 (Planning) submission is made on behalf of the

Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane.

Permission is sought for the following works to the Dublin City Gallery:

  1. Roof works, including the upgrading of the existing roof to the 1930s Wing and the Francis Bacon Studio; the replacement of existing rooflights and the installation of a fall-arrest and access systems for safe permanent roof access.
  2. Installation of environmental services in the 1930s Wing and associated Buildings Services Management System and the integration of same with the systems serving the wider gallery complex to ensure a continuity of environmental conditions throughout the gallery complex appropriate for the exhibition and curation of works of art of international importance.
  3. New M&E plant located on the roof of the Francis Bacon studio within an acoustic enclosure.
  4. New Mechanical ductwork at roof level of the 1930s Wing and the Francis Bacon studio serving the 1930s Galleries.
  5. The Installation of new data cabling and/or wireless electronic services as required to meet existing and changing future needs to the 1930’s Wing.
  6. The Installation of a new gallery lighting system in the 1930’s Wing.
  7. Provision of the new Environmental control lobbies to the public gallery entrance, staff entrance of Charlemont House and the rear Service entrance to the 1930’s wing.

What Happens Next

Full Details of the Part 8 (Planning) Application,  including decisions are on the DCC Planning Website 


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